All posts on: September 9th, 2014

Revamped the selection process for the KPO of a large global bank

Revamped the selection process for the KPO of a large global bank which comprised identification of key  competencies required for effective performance, creation of a focused interview toolkit along with extensive retraining of all interviewers in the Organization. This resulted in a significant reduction of recruitment ‘mistakes’, and enhanced the Organization’s ability to select the right person for the right job.

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Created a leadership development and succession program for a Tier 1 global IT Organization

which spanned the key leadership development touch points from identification and assessment of leaders to creation and implementation of multiple developmental interventions. As part of this global program, roped in some of the world’s best strategic thinkers to upskill the Organizational leaders. This resulted in a tremendous step-jump in identifying leaders across levels and developing capability in a structured, systematic manner to align with the Company’s growth goals.

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Created a career lattice for the KPO of a large global bank to clearly define career progress tracks for all roles across functions

The key challenge in this case was to map a career progression lattice for employees across functions and roles .This involved  resolving inter business unit complexities to arrive at a comprehensive identification of unique ‘roles’ in the Organization , followed by a detailed technical, functional and behavioural competency map required for employees to move upward /laterally. This resulted in greater transparency of career growth decisions and provided employees with a  structured career map for the first time.

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