IT transformation – Red to green


Red to Green Squad (RTGS) is one of our key offerings in the IT consulting segment. In 2012, McKinsey in conjunction with the University of Oxford conducted a study of 5400 IT projects which found that:

  • 17 percent of large IT projects go so badly that they can threaten the very existence of the company
  • On average, large IT projects run 45 percent over budget and 7 percent over time, while delivering 56 percent less value than predicted

Through our ‘RTG Squad’, we help the clients turn such projects around with the right inputs and expertise. At Kubos, we go beyond CMM/ISO process in project reviews and provide hands on support to turn around ‘troubled’ (RED) projects to ‘back on track’ (GREEN). Our consultants comprise seasoned IT professionals who have been in leadership positions in premier organisations globally. They bring a unique combination of industry experience, content depth and consulting expertise to deliver highly focused solutions to clients. The Kubos RTG Squad works in a seamless, unique combination of Level 1 – Strategic Experts with over 25-30 years of leadership experience who will spearhead the engagement and play a key role in diagnosis and formulating strategic recommendations. Level 2 – Expert consultants with significant leadership experience who will engage continuously to translate strategic recommendations into implementable actions. Level 3 – Implementation experts who will play a hands-on role if required, by working in partnership with the internal team to turn the project around.