All posts on: September 10th, 2014

Transformation of people practices to convert a family-business into a professional Organization with highly motivated employees and low attrition

Conducted an in-depth external diagnosis to highlight the reasons for low motivation and high attrition among employees which resulted in restructuring the organization, redesigning  compensation philosophies and revamping of key HR policies to create a more professional, open and meritocratic organization.

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Setup core HR practices for the Indian Joint Venture of a leading European bank

Worked with the global HR team in Paris to  create grades and corresponding compensation bands in line with industry benchmarks. Defined the HR handbook with key HR policies for all employees in the new Company. Provided advisory on optimal HR practices for recruitment, compensation, and employee management. This resulted in creating an attractive, fair and equitable workplace for new and existing employees with a ‘smooth’ launch of the new Company.

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